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Welcome to UniGreen - Energy Saving Fan Malaysia

The Latest UniGreen Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

Saving Electricity, Labor & Space

UniGreen Energy Saving Ceiling Fan suitable for all kind of houses and offices. It is simple and inexpensive with excellent results on air circulation, and enhanced indoor temperature.

Saves your electricity bills and in some cases eliminating the needs of air conditioner.

A smart investment fan that pays for itself.

In order to reduce heavy emissions of carbon dioxide which caused Global Warming, we have improved our products – Energy Saving Ceiling Fans, which can be mounted on any kind of ceilings. In fact, this energy efficient product consumes less energy, which results in more money saved. It also improves comfort level and keeps house warm during winter and cool during summer.

The energy saving fan is used to maintain the cooling capacity supply by the air-conditioning unit. The condenser will not consume more energy if it does not require setting its temperature below 22 degree. The energy saving fan blade are designed to return the cool air into their holding vent hole and re-distribute them. It forms a circulation cycle which maintaining cool air contain in the premises.

In this cycle it eliminate stuffiness, improve cool air circulation without reducing the temperature setting of an area. The condenser will have a longer life span as long it does not required to maximize it’s cooling capacity.

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